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Henley Technologies is a new company that is creating innovations around leisure and sports participation.


They were looking for a digital partner to create a solution to become the new mobile app where every tennis player, supporting their development, needs and any interaction with the world of tennis.

All Tennis should be the centralized interaction HUB, connecting players, coaches, sports companies and tennis organizations through a value-add digital mobile application.

Our Implementation

The Customer commissioned In All Media to ideate, design and develop the first digital mobile application focused on improving all aspects of your tennis game as if you were a professional both on and off the Tennis court.

  • With MyTennis you will capture your shot execution and match play performance to provide you with hard statistical facts that will help improve your game technique and strategy.
  • Thank to ProTennis you could improve your technique, your wellness and your performance, all under the strict watchful eye of a team of tennis coaches, nutritionist and personal trainers as if you were a professional of tennis.
  • With BeTennis you can add that extra dimension to your game, including your family, friends and why not your fans into your usual activities on the court.


Lean Development Methodologies will allow us to continuously be learning from the end-users. That learning will allow us to adjust the product to their feedback and needs.

User Experience Ideation
Visual Design
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance
Solution Architecture
Product Evolution


  • Xamarin (C#)
  • Java
  • Mongo DB
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Ubuntu
  • HTML5, CSS3, PHP7

” You have done so much good work and it’s right on target.
Thanks and keep it up. “

Andy Durham

Product Owner, Henley Technologies LLC

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