Mobile Solutions

Energy Industry

Aclara Technology helps utilities manage change, seeks new approaches, and harness data and new technologies to supply more efficient and reliable services to their customers.


Aclara was looking to implement the iOS version of a web application which automatically reads gas and water instruments. Agiles Methodologies like Scrum and TDD (Test Driven Development) are the key to provide additive releases empowering the solution.

Geo-dispersed operations:

Herndon – Buenos Aires – Bahia Blanca – Mexico City

Our Implementation

Their desired engagement involves the long term staffing of self-directed development cells/teams consisting each of a development lead (or Architect), mobile developers and automation testers.

Embracing Agile methodologies has allowed our team to both create new and enhance existing products with new features.


Our teams have demonstrated great communication skills with each other, being able to iterate on a daily basis, delivering more than the expected results.

UX Ideation
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance
Solution Architecture



  • Xamarin
  • SQL Server
  • WEB. Net
  • C#
  • Microsoft SOAP Web services


  • Appium

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