Aclara and InAllMedia collaborated to migrate legacy mobile applications to modern IoT business solutions

John Kelly

Director Of Software Development

Ratheesh Nair

VP, Software

Aclara is a world-class supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to more than 800 water, gas, and electric utilities globally. Aclara SIS offerings include smart meters and other field devices, advanced metering infrastructure and software and services that enable utilities to predict and respond to conditions, leverage their distribution networks effectively and engage with their customers.

Their story

Creating value through team engagement and product delivery

The InAllMedia team, in working with Aclara, has served to consolidate the foundations of our approach to generating collaboration through our interactive community. This beneficial partnership has served to catapult Aclara’s mobile technology division into the forefront of modern IoT solutions.

For more than four years, our InAllMedia teams have helped drive the migration and modernization of fundamental mobile technologies from their legacy architecture, to their current, modernized state. InAllMedia has been the driving force behind the transformation of legacy technologies into smart infrastructure solutions (SIS), adapted to meet our clients business growth strategies.

Thanks for all the great work that you did with us. We could not have achieved all that we did over the last few years without your efforts and we truly appreciated having you on the team.
John Kelly

Director Of Software Development

From the very beginning, InAllMedia was involved in migrating and developing solutions for four principal mobile technologies that are key to Alcara’s operations as a supplier of smart communication networks and tools. Our development team worked alongside Aclara’s leadership as we built and executed an innovative vision with the purpose of launching Aclara into the forefront of IoT solutions.

Our highly specialized teams worked hard to implement solutions that catered to our client’s goals, whereas our implementation of agile software development ensured that our client’s goals were delivered in frequent iterations. The mutual respect centered around the Aclara and InAllMedia partnership was forged by the development team’s engagement and reliability.

"An exemplary effort by InAllMedia’s teams have allowed us to continue rolling out planned innovative updates to our infrastructure without skipping a heartbeat. Your approach to handling complex requests has been key in keeping up with our aggressive timeline. Great job."

Ratheesh Nair

VP, Software

Their victory

Establishing a relationship with client leadership

Our fast-paced approach to delivery, without compromising quality is what led Aclara to expand its digital smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to new horizons. At the core of every success, is the collective effort of our collaborative teams and their unfaltering sense of accountability that drove initiatives from inception to completion.

We enable our teams to deliver value by primarily developing a fundamental understanding of client needs and projected roadmaps. This proactive approach in engaging with Aclara leadership helped us to procure well-rounded resources that could meet our client’s expectations.

At InAllMedia, we strive to pull away from rigid hierarchies that only serve as barriers to cooperative participation, and instead adopt a more agile and dynamic approach to interacting withing our community and client leadership. The Aclara partnership served to broaden our experience in IoT solutions and accelerated Aclara’s role as a leader in smart infrastructure solutions.

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Complete transparency of team’s work. That’s why each member exhibit an intense loyalty to the IAM’s team. They are willing to do anything that has to be done to help their team succeed. They consider their team a source of professional and personal growth.


We can’t predict when changes will happen, that's why flexibility is so important. Our capacity to be versatile, resilient and responsive to change is what our team members shares.


“One of the main things we work on is deliver results faster and with the expected quality”, says Alejandro. There’s never a question around quality as we are all focus on client’s expectations.

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