Sony and InAllMedia partner to evolve a unique Specialised Team for the ages

Kunal Shah

Vice President, Software Engineering & Architecture

Mike Gassner

SVP, Technology Solutions

Sony New Media Solutions (NMS) provides complete digital supply chain and OTT VOD solutions to power a new era of media consumption. Major film studios, broadcasters, music labels, game companies, software providers, and other content providers rely on our Media as a Service (MaaS) Ven.ue for innovative technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer demand and emerging multichannel distribution models.

Their story

Creating Value Through Our Teams and Partnership

This team is one of several foundational teams of our community and their contribution has been instrumental in forming our purpose and identity. Over the years of partnership between the same contributors and Sony, we have managed to establish a unique IAM Specialized Team with a high technical and functional specialization that continues to grow in stature. But this hasn’t always been so…

11 years ago when the engagement first started as a traditional ad-hoc capacity augmentation Sony was needing to find individual contributors with the flexibility to learn and adapt to a very rapidly changing industry landscape where traditional vendors had failed. The selection process was lengthy and we focused sourcing from on a single city fed by 2 great universities. Sony forms its part was extremely committed to making this a long term initiative that would allow everyone to grow over time.

Seeing people grow over the last many years, take new responsibilities and achieve more remarkable career growth makes me feel delighted. A big kudos to you and IAM management for ensuring the team stays connected, motivated, and cared for, as that to me is a sign of a great team and ensuring long term success.
Kunal Shah

Vice President, Software Engineering & Architecture

From the start, the team shared a meaningful purpose of working together and building a Foundational capability where there was none. Applying the new Agile methodologies of the time they quickly achieved surprising results. The nurturing we did together with Sony’s leadership and commitment with their career paths Formed an autonomous, self-directed development team that today, fast forward 10 years, is leading strategic initiatives such as enhancing the Supply Chain platform.

What started as a group of people is now a Highly Specialized flexible team that has grown in Mastery now being able to take on any project and solve key problems with a common approach to their work. The trust and flexibility for different team members to take the lead depending on the need.

The whole SR Management team is very appreciative of all the hard work the entire team has put into enhancing our Supply Chain platform.

Mike Gassner

SVP, Technology Solutions

Their victory

“Though we have a client-consultant relationship, the trust and integration we have been able to build over the years are phenomenal” - explains Kunal.

The true partnership we have between the InAllMedia and Sony is personified in the way the teams interact as Kunal describes…

“Seeing everyone work so hard on the success of the product and raising hands to solve complex issues is commendable. My team and I are blessed to have such a relationship, where we all are one big team and everyone marching towards the same end goal in unison. So a big thank you to the entire team!”

The team has helped create a frictionless environment that can not only scale dynamically and on-demand, but in which everybody can operate. Most recently they achieved a landmark move from a Dedicated On-Premise Datacenter to a Cloud implementation leveraging the best AWS has to offer and is now continuing with their next important challenge.

Their Power Traits


Complete transparency of team’s work. That’s why each member exhibit an intense loyalty to the IAM’s team. They are willing to do anything that has to be done to help their team succeed. They consider their team a source of professional and personal growth.


We can’t predict when changes will happen, that's why flexibility is so important. Our capacity to be versatile, resilient and responsive to change is what our team members shares.


“One of the main things we work on is deliver results faster and with the expected quality”, says Alejandro. There’s never a question around quality as we are all focus on client’s expectations.

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