Breathing New Life into Aging Infrastructure

InAllMedia collaborated with a leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions to migrate legacy mobile applications to modern IoT business solutions

A renowned smart infrastructure solutions provider, known for serving over 800 water, gas, and electric utilities worldwide, collaborated with InAllMedia to transition their legacy mobile applications into cutting-edge IoT business solutions. Their comprehensive offerings encompass smart meters, field devices, advanced metering infrastructure, software, and services, empowering utilities to proactively address various conditions, optimize distribution networks, and effectively engage with customers. InAllMedia joined forces with this industry leader abd together we worked to revamp lackluster apps into cutting-edge IoT innovation.

The way our talents faced this challenge

Creating value through team engagement and product delivery

Working as a business analyst for this renowned smart infrastructure solutions provider has been deeply rewarding. Collaboration is at the heart of our work, both with clients and within our diverse, skilled InAllMedia community. My role transitioning legacy mobile applications into cutting-edge IoT business solutions showed me the power of partnership. 

Alone, I could not have achieved a fraction of what we built together. The benefits of InAllMedia’s vast, talented community were clear when we faced an issue in our pipeline. A man who couldn’t join our team due to being an expert in a different technology proved crucial. His insight working in the energy sector for more than ten years helped us solve our particular problem. In a community, experts across fields share knowledge, letting us build transversal teams regardless of technical specialties.

This fruitful collaboration propelled our client into the future. For over four years, we migrated and modernized their mobile systems into smart infrastructure solutions that drive business growth. I saw the impact of shared commitment to excellence. Working in a community rather than as individuals was a great evolution professionally and personally. Developing and delivering together leads to greater ownership, possibilities for growth, and ability to boost client success.

Technology constantly changes, but human collaboration and empowering each other endure. I'm proud to be in a community representing this spirit of partnership. Together, we're innovating the future.

“An exemplary effort by InAllMedia’s teams have allowed us to continue rolling out planned innovative updates to our infrastructure without skipping a heartbeat. Your approach to handling complex requests has been key in keeping up with our aggressive timeline. Great job." Company representative
Their Victory

Benefitting from the talent and expertise imbued in the InAllMedia Community

Expansion of Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS): The company successfully extended its digital smart infrastructure solutions to new frontiers due to the efficient and quality-focused delivery approach.

Overcame technical obstacles through collaboration: By tapping into our diverse community's expertise, we navigated issues in the pipeline that would have derailed us working alone.

Modernized infrastructure to enable future innovation: Migrated legacy mobile systems into cutting-edge smart solutions tailored to the client's needs and growth goals.

Evolved team capabilities: Working as a community, we gained ownership and possibilities for growth beyond what we could achieve as individual service providers. Our collective ability to contribute value to clients increased exponentially.