Passionate Teams
Highly Specialized in Agile Software Development Services

With an innovative approach to swarming intelligence that needs less heroic individual effort and focuses on producing collectively

By effectively mixing individual perspectives, group dynamics, and organizational support, IAM Specialized Teams are extremely successful in developing digital solutions

Sharing knowledge and experience.

The best team players today are more like expedition leaders, engaged in an educational and mutually supportive journey of exploration with their teammates.

Ready to adopt flexible roles.

Each of the team members will help one another unrestricted by roles to find the best team result.

Promoting Mastering instead of Seniority

Each team generate enough Swarm intelligence to get the best of them and find solutions to complex strategy challenges.

Setting collective objectives.

The team motivates one another to accomplish common objectives, They learn how to move on the next milestone while maintaining an eye on the project’s common objectives.


A new style of
teaming for application development

The collective sense of “who we are” lies at the core of our success

How do IAM Specialized Teams and ad-hoc Individual selection compare?

Ad-hoc Individual selection

A new group of people specifically recruited for the need at hand


IAM Specialized Teams

Our pre-established teams with technical and functional specialization and substantial past experience working together

Slower as individually picked from different sources each with their individual agenda


Much Faster from Self-assembled from common interests or past experiences together.

Often takes 4-6 months to establish healthy and fluid communication and trust yet some never achieve it


Pre-established trust & communications already exist saving all that time

Although they may have task skills, teaming skills are less common and take time to build.


Tech skills plus healthy team dynamics having smooth interpersonal skills for teamwork.

Team roles are more rigid as personal agendas and individual expectations take prevalence

Flexible Leadership

Based on the need different team members may lead with full flexibility and adjustment by the rest of the team

The team relies solely on their knowledge and capabilities

Enabling Structure

Forming part of IAM Community they easily flow with our processes and leverage our Swarming Intelligence

Team members are individualistic and less loyal to the team easily swayed by opportunistic offers.

Retention & Longevity

As team members have chosen to work together they are extremely loyal to the team and the client.

Each customer engagement is supported by our assigned managerial roles that facilitate our team interaction and Keep them performing for you as they would for themselves.

Clients Say...

Customers remark how well fit culturally with a broader sense of curiosity and proactivity to learn and find solutions

" Thanks for all the great work that you did with us. We could not have achieved all that we did over the last few years without your efforts and we truly appreciated having you on the team. "

John Kelly

Director Of Software Development

" Seeing people grow over the last many years, take new responsibilities and achieve more remarkable career growth makes me feel delighted. A big kudos to you and IAM management for ensuring the team stays connected, motivated, and cared for, as that to me is a sign of a great team and ensuring long term success. "

Kunal Shah

Vice President, Software Engineering & Architecture


How We Do This

We are a powerful Global Community-Driven Service Organisation

We Foster Autonomy and Mastery to Align Industry needs with our Techno-member’s Interests.
Talented Experts
Community Members
1 %
of our people have
7+years experience
assigned Long Term

We enable the Community’s Collaborative spirit to successfully engage with Corporate Culture

Our assigned managerial roles facilitate the use of methods, processes, and company culture in an organization that promotes the best teaming behaviors.

Secure Working Environment

Beyond our community’s integrity, ethics & commitment we ensure we have a Secure Development Environment (Legal and Cyber Security) at the very core of every customer engagement.

Better Communication & Tools

Personalised communication solutions on a distributed development environment are invaluable for innovative teamwork to take place in this age of transformation.

Coaching Talent to Success

As in sports Talent alone does not make a winning team. We add great Management & Coordination, to stimulate, invigorate, measure, adjust and support the team to a great performance.

We professionalize the collaborative spirit..!!!