Building Solutions for a Brighter Financial Future

InAllMedia and the client collaborated to enhance client facing products and services to improve consumers' financial lives

A major consumer finance company with offices across the U.S. that provides access to credit for nearly a million people striving to build better financial futures wanted to enhance their client facing products. The client is currently the 24th largest servicer of Mastercard and Visa cards in America.

InAllMedia faced a formidable challenge in collaborating with this client. Though the company had a proven data-driven approach and deep industry expertise, their client-facing products and services needed revamping to fully empower customers and enhance financial well-being.

Through close partnership, InAllMedia and the client built cutting-edge solutions for a brighter financial future. By modernizing infrastructure, improving customer experience, and enabling next-level data utilization, we accelerated the client’s vision for empowering customers to lead better financial lives. 

# The way our talents faced this challenge

The rise of a new parthership

As Delivery Manager, collaborating with this client presented immense challenges. Though reputable and experienced, their legacy systems and outdated customer experiences needed transformation for today’s digital landscape. With complex compliance demands and security risks intrinsic to finance, modernizing infrastructure while minimizing disruption was no small task.

My team began as just two: a Technical Lead and myself as Delivery Manager. We spent months immersed in the client’s business and products to gain intimate understanding before ramping up staff. Within 6 months, we tripled our team to include full stack developers, a lead data scientist, and more. By year’s end, an incredible crew of talented, passionate individuals were designing and building solutions to the client’s roadmap.

This team required little oversight. We rapidly gained responsibility and consistently expanded our capabilities. Our radically candid communication built trust to discuss challenges openly and forge creative solutions together. We set realistic boundaries yet found ways to incrementally add value. Most of all, we took immense pride in our work and the solutions we delivered.

According to the client’s feedback, this team embodied every project manager’s dream. We knew their abilities and were transparent about limitations, allowing proper planning and estimation. We even taught them improved ways of conducting retrospectives! Our client also praised the team’s attitude, soft skills, and honesty. Problems were resolved with a smile, deadlines always met. IAM went above and beyond to ensure success. 

Candid feedback affirmed the value we provided on both technical and human levels. I remain immensely proud of the solutions we delivered and the future we built together. That spirit is invaluable. No challenge is too great for this team to face with a smile, the best attitude, and solutions that overcome expectations. I am proud of what we have achieved together and excited for the successes yet to come.

“My hats off to IAM for putting together such an amazing team. They are very committed, fun to work with, and are constantly seeking ways to help us improve processes and apply best practices within our company. I never have to worry that things are not going to get done or that I'm not going to get answers in a timely manner. Communication with them is really easy and honest. More than a provider, they are a partner.” Company representative
Their Victory

Building an A-list Team: How Transparency and Mastery Achieved Success

Accountability and Problem-Solving: Creative solutions were developed through candid communication. Quality work was delivered on deadline by setting clear boundaries and focusing on incremental value add.

Honest and Accurate Planning: Capabilities and constraints were openly discussed, enabling realistic planning and estimation of work. 

Quick Learning and Mastery: Through asking probing questions and extra initiative, the team rapidly gained a deep knowledge of systems and features.