The Race to Automation

InAllMedia partnered with a worldwide employment website to automate their manual workflows

This American worldwide employment website for job listings, available in over 60 countries and 28 languages, connects millions of people with new opportunities. They partnered with InAllMedia to help them automate their manual workflows.

InAllMedia was engaged by the client to develop an automated analytics solution on an tight schedule. The goal was to replace a manual, inefficient process that was draining costs and resources. Our role was to drive the end-to-end implementation of this new product based on the client's needs and vision. This required quickly understanding their systems, data, and business, then coordinating across teams and vendors to turn the vision into reality. With little documentation of the legacy process, the team had to gather information from various sources to get a holistic view before designing an optimized automated solution.

The way our talents faced this challenge

Reaching client goals through the implementation of creative solutions

As head of the InAllMedia Team, I led the key technology implementation for this strategic client. We executed an automated data analysis to reduce costs and effort. We also enabled strategy coordination between the client and third-parties to develop a custom tool for them. 

The tight timeline and ambitious scope tested our developers. Evolving needs required a flexible team to realize the vision. The latest Media Team-Client minimum viable product incorporated data into an app that automated a manual process of data gathering and document creation. Our responsiveness yielded a working proof-of-concept for stakeholders, demonstrating our knowledge across traditional and emerging technologies. Understanding trends and employing an agile, value-driven style, our community has the skills to handle diverse challenges.

Agile methodologies have been crucial to our success delivering complex projects on tight deadlines. At InAllMedia, we heavily invest in training teams in agile techniques like iterative development, continuous integration, and frequent client feedback. These strategies allow us to start building solutions even when requirements are undefined, helping us meet ambitious deadlines. We provide value through agile techniques tailored to clients’ pivots to meet business needs.

Moreover, person-to-person feedback was central for us. We involved clients from the initial call through weekly iterations and live demos. Their input shaped all stages of the project. We maintain open and fluid communication between all parties involved. Success depends on fluent communication within a team that knows how to deliver.

“The product is precisely what was expected from a prototype point of view. The team has delivered according to our expectations. It is, without a doubt, valuable.” Company representative
Their Victory

The IAM Advantage: Powering Possibilities

Scalability: With scalable application design and implementation and a developer network to scale, we meet client demand.

More than Agile: Applying tailored scrum, kanban and scrumban methodologies, our unique community relationships enable efficient value delivery.

Integrated Service Model: Development of an integrated service model that allows the technicians to feel like a key part of the client's team.

A community you can trust: Built on a collaborative community foundation driving success through cultivating lively client work environments.