Automating our clients data workflows

InAllMedia partnered with an established global data and analytics leader to automate their manual metadata processing workflows.

A nearly 200-year-old data analytics leader needed to optimize their metadata processing. With massive volumes of valuable data powering insights across the business lifecycle, their existing manual processes strained resources. They sought InAllMedia to build an automated, scalable solution for high-performance, efficient metadata processing, enabling them to unlock the full potential of their data and analytics.

InAllMedia architected a lightweight, reusable platform purpose-built for the challenges. The scalable solution automated metadata processing, optimizing efficiency, performance and scalability. Now equipped with a flexible framework engineered to grow with their business, the data analytics powerhouse gained the capabilities to accelerate innovation of their data and analytics for generations to come.

The way our talents faced this challenge

Unlocking our client's data potential by implementing an innovative automated solution tailored to their needs

As the DevOps lead, implementing efficient and scalable data solutions is my passion. Recently, our team had the opportunity to partner with a long-established data and analytics powerhouse to transform their metadata processing. Together, we architected an automated platform to handle the massive volumes of valuable data powering their business. Migrating from manual workflows straining their resources, our lightweight, reusable solution optimized performance, efficiency and scalability.

Through an agile approach, our dedicated team innovated a scalable mechanism for high-performance data onboarding and processing. Equipped with a flexible framework to grow into the future, our client gained automated workflows to unlock the full potential of their data and analytics.

Magic happened when our teams came together, sharing a goal to accelerate development of an integrated data solution.  With expertise and passion, we worked as one to build a purpose-built platform tailor-made for their needs. Processing time reduced from days to minutes, freeing resources to drive competitive advantage. The solution provided a single view of metadata, saving time assembling data from silos. It enabled understanding data elements and accelerating upgrades from legacy systems, reducing costs and simplifying products.

Developing scalable data solutions is about partnership. When teams bring passion and expertise, innovation follows. That is where the magic happens. At InAllMedia, innovation comes alive through the collaborative spirit of teams dedicated to a shared purpose. We find the place where each person's passions and talents intersect, creating an environment where people achieve their highest potential. Together we make the impossible possible, through teamwork, trust and the determination to achieve more than imagined. Though working from cities across timezones, fluent communication binds us.

“The team has been relentlessly working over the past few months to create the hidden side of the app: the metadata pipeline that can provide us within minutes with an overview of all the source changes so we can finally perform governance effortlessly.” Client liaison
Their Victory

Fostering Unity: A Testament to InAllMedia and the Client’s Collaborative Success

Unparalleled Expertise: With unparalleled expertise in scalable application design and implementation, processing time was reduced from three days for manual processing to just two minutes with a fully automated solution.

Seamless Teamwork: Passion, energy, cohesion, the willingness to help each other and a pinch of humor were the perfect ingredients that the InAllMedia team brought to the table always looking to exceed the client’s expectations.

Laser-sharp Focus: With determination to achieve client goals within tight timeframes, IAM delivered a transformative solution optimizing performance and reducing costs.