Tech Titan Teams Up With InAllMedia to Forge a Media Powerhouse

InAllMedia partnered with an industry giant that excels in creating cutting-edge consumer electronics and entertainment content to develop a uniquely specialized team.

This pioneering American media company powers a new generation of streaming services and over-the-top video distribution. Working with major content creators, they have revolutionized digital media. But their meteoric rise brought challenges in handling massive data, traffic and analytics. They needed solutions to keep pace with breakneck growth and an evolving industry. Together, we strengthened their digital supply chain and advanced their media services.

The way our talents faced this challenge

Creating Value Through Our Teams and Partnership

Landing this project with a major industry leader was huge for us at InAllMedia. It meant not just a massive technical challenge—this company is on the cutting edge and swims in data—but also a chance to prove ourselves at breakneck speed. We had to pull together a team of over 15 experts in areas like database architecture, high-traffic systems, and analytics.

The first hurdle was finding the right talent in our network with the technical chops and experience in media. We started with 5 people but grew quickly. Luckily, the InAllMedia community is vast; we tapped top-notch resources at every level to show we could mobilize talent at a moment’s notice. The client was impressed, not just with our technical quality but the speed we made talent available. Ramping up and getting set up was insanely satisfying.

For me as team lead, it was a unique chance to helm a team where I felt technically supported, with backup from our whole community. Collaboration is what we’re about, and it made all the difference here. This let us provide service in a way that made us feel integrated into the client’s team. Personally, working this way with a company I deeply respect allowed me to feel a key part of driving their technological mission forward. In the past, we’ve sometimes felt more like “just” service providers rather than partners in progress. This partnership was a win that forged a lasting relationship and changed perceptions of what a collaborative model could achieve.

“The whole SR management team are very appreciative of all the hard work the entire team has put into enhancing our Supply Chain platform.” Client quote
Their Victory

Fostering Unity: A Testament to InAllMedia and the Client’s Collaborative Success

Fast Team Assembly: Assembly of a team of over 15 highly skilled individuals to provide technical solutions for a major industry client in a short amount of time.

Strong Technical Support: The InAllMedia Community had the team's back and was available for technical consultations and support of all kinds.

Integrated Service Model: Development of an integrated service model that allows the technicians to feel like a key part of the client's team.

Frictionless Environment: Development of a seamless working environment that allows for dynamic scalability and operational ease.